BOOK REVIEW: “The Wife Between Us.”

A career in television journalism is amazing, if you read my intro, it is my utmost passion! But, sadly you often times see the absolute worst in society. If you look on my LinkedIn Page “Sarina Fazan” you will discover some of the heart wrenching cases I have covered.

That’s why one of my favorite things to do is get lost in a fictional book. And I did just that this past week. I so needed a distraction from what I am now facing. As promised in the intro, in due time, I will share the entire story.

“The wife between us” written by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen had me gasping out loud!

There are SO many twists and turns! And then when you think there could possibly be no more-you get hit again!

If you need a distraction, I would highly recommend this!



  1. Love your story and your beauty inside and out , strength, and yes how you make everyone feel so happy being around you. Keep pushing through with strength, dignity, and let your light shine bright my sweet friend . Love you so !

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