Hi everyone, thank you for reading my blog! It is my first one. For years, people have asked me to share my story. I am finally opening up to the idea and will share my journey in hopes of helping others.

A brief synopsis : I left home at 18. It was the most heart wrenching decision of my life and sometimes I still wonder if the heartache was worth the cost. I carry so much guilt more than two decades later.

My parents arranged my marriage. I do not blame them for doing so! They are first generation it was what they know and what they thought was best.

Every parent’s goal is to do what is in the best interest of their child. I know mine certainly is!

But this decision was not one I could live with. Since I was three years old I wanted to be a television journalist. So, I left my protected shell and went out on my own. Leaving all my loved ones behind. My parents, my siblings, my aunts and uncles, cousins. The only life I knew.

As many can imagine, it is a very hard and dangerous road for a teen to embark on their own. I was no exception. As time goes by and my bravery builds I will share some of those battles.

I did manage to put my self through college.

I did become a four time Emmy award winning journalist with four additional Emmy nominations. I was even named Journalist of the Year.

But perhaps you can help me figure out-if it was too hefty of a price to pay.

As I write this, I thought leaving home was the most difficult battle I would encounter.

How wrong I was–as I enter a new one that I hope to share.

This blog won’t be limited to my story.

I am humbled to have a very successful broadcasting career.

Lets have fun too! I want to review books, talk about make up and fashion, what kids are interested in. The love of my life is my 11 year old Sammie.

Thank you for getting to know me!

Let the journey begin!


  1. I know Sarina personally and she is so much more then simply an amazing broadcast journalist and Mom . She is the sweetest kindest most tender hearted person you’ll ever meet. What makes her the best interviewer is that she truly cares about the person behind the story and makes you feel so comfortable it’s as if she is holding you in her arms as she is asking you these deeply personal questions I know that first-hand. Sarina my love , I wish you nothing but the best that this life has to offer I look forward to reading this blog .may God richly bless you in this next step of your journey love you ..Mama Deb

  2. Being a journalist is tough enough but going against one’s parents wishes would be a challenge. Looking forward to more from you. Thanks for taking the leap.

  3. Sarina I am so proud of you. Shows me what a strong young lady you are . You followed your passion. Those you left behind are right there now and able to share your journey with you. Once my Attorney promised if i let go and made myself happy . My love ones would be back. His promise to me came true. You cannot maybe someone else happy if you are not happy yourself. You owe yourself that. God Bless you.

  4. I first heard about you as the local “Barbara Walters,” and I found it was true – intelligent, caring coverage, able to appropriately handle highly charged and emotional situations. You are gifted! Good luck with the blog … it’s one way you’ll continue to inspire.

  5. Sarina, You are a very courageous women to have accomplished all of your dreams and still be a young lady. I tip my hat to you!
    God Bless!

  6. Humbled to read your brave account and looking forward to more! The Tampa community remains lucky to call you one of our own. So many more good things to come for you!

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