My shoe obsession, why it has nothing to do with fashion, but rather survival

I was humbled to be asked to speak at Pasco-Hernando State College

I was recently asked to speak to students and faculty at Pasco-Hernando State College.

I am so humbled, faculty members said they wanted to hear from me, because they see me as a role model and an advocate for young women across the globe.

Pictured with Donna Burdzinski

Donna Burdzinski the Provost of the North Campus, called me a visionary after learning more about my life in the blog I am writing titled, “Indian Trailblazer.”

For someone so amazing to see me in that light, again, I am humbled. It is a word I use often because that is how I feel. Donna then also shared she understood how important my career as broadcast journalist is to me and the lengths I went to, to achieve my dream.

Her words of support, led me to open up more about my life and the sacrifices I needed to make for my professional future. As, I looked into the students faces, I was so moved at how attentive they were, and found myself sharing things that I have never shared before, including days I didn’t have money to eat, much less buy a pair of shoes, even though the snow from Chicago winters would seep through and ultimately lead to frostbite.

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Me with some faculty and students.

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