The hottest make-up beauty trends:

23 years in broadcasting, I’ve tried to master all the looks!

Like many women. I LOVE make-up. But for me, it is also part of my job as a broadcast journalist. I have been in the business for 23 years and have more make up then you can imagine!

I took this selfie after an interview

I have to admit though, I am not one to turn to magazines and look for the hottest items. Truth be told, in my every day life, I go for the natural look. Tinted moisturizer is my favorite with a light lip gloss.

However, I am so blessed to know so many of the best beauty artists in town that are always giving me tips, including Cherie Bongovi who has worked with me for years throughout my television career in Tampa.

Cherie Bongovi works at Sephora but also has her own business “Faces By Cherie”

This was just unbelievable! Cherie and her managers at Sephora at International Mall actually invited me and my partner, Michelle Moscardini, in for a make-up tutorial before the store opened. And, if you are a make up fan, you will love the tips! We are not just talking how to apply the make up but the hottest beauty trends right now.

And, Cherie is so easy to watch.

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