Bryan DiCerb, Director: Photography & Video Editing

Bryan DiCerb is a multi-Emmy award winning photographer and video editor that brings more than 30 years of experience. His passion for the job started in high school. Not even a week into production class, he could see his future.

Bryan earned his degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Florida. His career in television news took off right after graduation. Bryan worked his way up through the ranks at WPTV, the NBC station in West Palm Beach, Florida. He started as the overnight videographer, moved to mornings, then was promoted to dayside, and then finally his dream assignment – sports. He was recruited in 1994 to join WFTS in Tampa when the Scripps Howard ABC affiliate started a brand new news operation. It was there that he mastered his craft in a high profile market, producing a quality product on deadline every single day.

After eight years, Bryan was ready to move on and started developing his own television shows for Brenton Productions. He has spent the past 15 years creating compelling content and producing more than 500 episodes of nationally broadcast television shows. They include Two Guys Garage, Car Fix, Coomer’s Country, Menard’s Chevy Show, Addictive Fishing, and FLW Outdoors. Bryan helped design a format the led to entertaining and informative shows, where advertisers could also showcase their product.

Bryan is excited to join the team at SariMee MultiMedia as the Director of Photography and Video Editing. This is also a reunion for Bryan and Sarina. They worked together for years at the Scripps station in Tampa.

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