Look Good…Feel Good…Let’s try Pilates

Chatting with Diamond Pilates owner, Deecembra Diamond

Staying healthy is so much a part of life now! And, there are so many options. I am a runner at heart. But many people say that can be tough on your body. In fact, I had to have surgery after I tore my meniscus. My doctor told me, all my years of running caught up with me.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not giving up running. But, why not try other options?

A friend encouraged me to check out Diamond Pilates at 408 N Howard Ave in South Tampa.

The owner, Deecembra Diamond was great. She keeps her classes small so it feels like you are having your own private experience.

Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates. This exercise program is unique. It focuses on the core (which is your foundation) and then moving to the legs and arms to make the exercises more challenging by utilizing the reformer machine. Although, I kept calling it a transformer. My business partner, Michelle Moscardini, is always so sweet and in said of making fun of my faux pas, looked at the positive. She said, “Well, it does transform your body!”

Try it out!

Check out the YouTube video to learn more. And, please subscribe to the “Suggestions by Sarina” Youtube Channel.

Trying out Pilates at Diamond Pilates

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