My Favorite Beauty Trends: Face

From going out with friends, to work, and nearly make up free. I have my fave’s!

I am so humbled that so many people ask me about products that I use and what designers I like best.

I certainly have my favorites! I plan to keep adding to this list and letting people know with updates.

Let’s start with face products!

Retin-A is what I have found most effective. Please consult your dermatologist.

The basics: living in Florida means sunscreen is a must every day and multiple times a day if you can. You don’t have to spend a fortune. Many friends of mine who are dermatologists recommend drugstore brand Cetaphil. I really do love all of Cetaphil’s product’s!

Click Cetaphil: or

Moisturizer and face products: I do indulge on these items. Skin Medica is among my favorites and so is the Obagi line. But trust me, I am one of those people where I like things simple and not too complicated. So, I just stick to Obagi’s fade cream. Even though I wear sunscreen religiously, I do get sunspots. I also recommend Vitamin C.

Click for moisturizer:

Click for Obagi fade cream:

Click for Vitamin C serum:

I am religious about cleansing my face. It starts with wipes, then a deep cleanse with a Clairasonic with Orgins anti-aging face wash (thank you to my sister in law for recommending it!) and then a toner.

Click for Clarisonic:


Face Cleanser: Aveeno wipes & Orgins Anti-aging face wash

Click face wipes:

Click face wash:


Thanks again everyone! I will continue writing and sharing my favorites, when it comes to hair, make-up and fashion!

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