Eyelash Extensions: Are they Worth it?

Eyelashes, tinted moisturizer and lip gloss. I am ready for a night out
This picture is taken at Bulla in South Tampa

I am so blessed with great friendships. I have the best girlfriends on the planet, and I thank God every day for surrounding me with such great women.

One of my besties is Debra Schrils. I met her because she is also in the broadcast industry and we worked together.

New Years Eve 2018

She gets embarrassed because I tell anyone who will listen that she is a lawyer and a meteorologist. The bottom line, I am so proud of her and look up to her. She is beautiful inside and out. The point of all of this? She is the one that inspired me to at least consider lashes.

Getting ready right before the newscast

So, following Deb’s advice I went to her person, Michelle Collington who owns Make Me Me Up by Mich. The result, I love eyelashes!


Now, keep in mind it is an investment. I learned by talking with Michelle that eyelashes are something women of all ages are willing to spend their money on. In fact, they give up other beauty regiments like manicures and pedicures to get lashes.

I’ll let you decide by watching this video on my Youtube channel. I would so appreciate you subscribing as well!


Michelle Collington talking about eyelashes


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