I am currently weighing on a show that is the first ever collaboration between CNN & SKY News

As humans, we can all be so critical of ourselves. I am no exception. But, if I have to give myself credit for something, it is being a thorough and fair journalist. It’s been my dream my entire life.

I share this with you because I have worked tirelessly on getting certain interviews on cases that I simply can not forget. Some of these interviews have taken years to obtain.

It is because of my research and getting these exclusive sit-downs with some of the Bay areas most controversial newsmakers, producers of Jupiter Entertainment reached out to me. Jupiter was hired by CNN and SKY News to produce the show.

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I started weighing in on cases solely in the Tampa area. But, recently, producers also asked me to look into cases throughout the country.

So far, the show has been slated for 10 episodes, and I am honored to be in five of them. These are the episodes that have ran so far. I will update the list. You can watch the shows on HLN Eastern time at 8 P.M.


Vengeance: Killer Lovers: Fatal Love Triangle. This case haunts me to this day. Two young girls. Both their lives lost. One dead and another in prison. All over a boy, so not with it.

Vengeance Killer Lovers: In Cold Blood. This was a case producers asked me to look into. The more I learned, the more sad I became for this beautiful woman who had no idea what was coming.

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