My Favorite Beauty Trends: Hair

From the anchor desk, to emceeing events and a night out with my favorite date, my daughter, I followthe same hair regiment

Many of you might be surprised to know, but my hair is naturally curly. I mean Shirley Temple curly! I doubt it would ever be that be curly again unless I shaved my whole head and let my hair grow out. I now have anchor hair! I am going to talk about that separately in a blog coming soon, under “the Making of an Anchor.”

Me as a little girl, look at that curly hair!

Back to my hair. I’ve tried everything from the Brazilian Blow-Out, Keratin and then finally the BioIonic treatment. The BioIonic worked the best on my hair. If you have super thick and coarse hair, that is the treatment I would recommend. If your hair has waves and you want a straighter look, Keratin is the way to go. I would stay away from the Brazilian Blow-Out after reports that high levels of formaldehyde were detected during the heating and application of the product. In fact, I even did a story on it. My long time hair stylist, Miriam Garces Leyva, the owner of the Chateau De M Salon, also warns against the Brazilian Blow-Out.

Mirian has been my hairstylist for 15 years. I adore her

So, how do I maintain my hair? I will list everything I use including the tools.


The hair regiment first needs to start with a great shampoo and conditioner. Miriam recommended the J Beverly Hills, Platinum line and I love it! It leaves your hair so silky and smooth. It is pricier. Ladies, I get it. My first job as an anchor in the Quad Cities I only made $18,000 a year. So, if finances are a concern, I would recommend L’Oreal or John Frieda. Also, if you have had treatments make sure the products are sulfate free. Here are the links to the products:

Platinum shampoo and conditioner:

Platinum conditioning treatment:


I don’t color my hair. If you want a quick solution to deeper colors, I would suggest John Frieda. Aveda is a great option as well, but it is a little pricier.

John Frieda:

For lighter hair:

Aveda color shampoo:

The conditioner:


Once a week, I do an inexpensive mask on my hair. I will even leave it in much longer than recommended. I’ll clean the house or write on this blog! The longer the mask stays on the more it will condition your hair.

Single mask:

Pack of 12:

I love the Rusk line for treatment after I wash my hair. I also add a dab of oil. Don’t put too much in, you don’t want your hair to look oily.




These are an investment but well worth it. The right products, especially hair dryers and flat irons, can last well over a decade. If you divide that over time, it is really pennies for looking fabulous.

One inexpensive investment is a paddle brush. This was a game changer for me. I was out of town at a salon and the stylist told me to separate my hair and dry it with a paddle brush. It was so effective and cut time styling.

Click here for paddle brush:

A pricier investment is a hair dryer. Time is priceless and the right one can cut drying time in half. The one I bought lasted well over 10 years before I got a new one.

Click here for hair dryer:

If you can only invest in one tool, I would definitely say the flat iron. I have relied on the Baby Bliss Pro and like the hair dryer, it lasted more than 10 years before I needed a new one.

Click here for flat iron:

For finer hair:


Truthfully, when it comes to hair sprays I dabble in all sorts of brands. I also rarely use a finishing spray. But, If I decide to, I will share on this post!

Please feel free to reach out to me with questions. I am going to be talking more about lifestyle and my favorite things on my YouTube channel, “Suggestions by Sarina.” I would love for you to subscribe.


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