Tampa Architects on the National Map

Pictured here with Scott Purdy and Mike Muroff
The men own Purdy + Muroff Architecture in Tampa

There are some professions that are just downright intriguing. I have always thought that about architects. Now that I have gotten to know Scott Purdy and Mike Muroff, it just reinforces my feelings about this admirable profession.

Scott and Mike hired me to help them with a name change to the firm. Scott and Mike have been working together for nearly 20 years ago.

The more I involved myself into the project and learned about them, I swelled with pride. It is endearing to know that there are such talented and great people who live in this community. Yet, they are both so humble.

These men have not only made a huge mark in the Tampa Bay area but also nationwide.

The firm is behind some of the most noted Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 businesses and residential areas, locally and nationally, over the past two decades.

You can learn more about them by clicking on the video at the bottom.

If you have a project Purdy + Muroff can lend their perspective.

There are new trends for restaurants, retail and residential areas in 2019. So, what’s behind it and how is it benefitting the consumer and business owner? 

Some of the hot topics in the industry include: 
– How are millennials influencing the new trend of quick serve restaurants? 
– Why are restaurants getting smaller and what’s the financial benefit? 
– What are the hottest architectural styles for businesses and homeowners?
-How are unique designs helping local businesses attract more clients?
– Why are green buildings becoming increasingly more desirable? 

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