This was one of the most devious criminal cases I have researched. I can see why decades later, the murder of Peggy Carr is still so talked about as her killer still sits on death row.

Producers interviewed me in Tampa on the George Trepal case. He sits on death row for poisoning his neighbor.

I have covered many stories as a journalist, from interviewing presidents to those on death row.

I am honored that producers from global shows, as well as book writers, have asked me to weigh in on many cases.  
I have been recently taking part in the first ever collaboration between CNN and SKY News on their Vengeance series. The series is shown internationally and just put a rural Florida community in the spotlight.

It did not surprise me at all they wanted to look into the case involving George Trepal. I will get more into what went on behind the scenes shortly, but first the crime.

It is one of the most cunning and bizarre murder plots I have researched. A chemist and a computer programmer using soda to poison his neighbor back in 1988!

41 year old Peggy Carr suffered a painful death. Her illness raised a red flag only after other members of her family started to get sick.

George Trepal still maintains his innocence in the murder of Peggy Carr

Investigators found evidence that Trepal poisoned the family’s Coca Cola products.

The case takes many twists, including an undercover officer befriending Trepal, but his capture even took a bizarre turn.

Decades later Trepal maintains his innocence and is still appealing his case. Records from the the Florida Department of Corrections show that he is the longest serving Polk county prisoner on the state’s death row. He did a get reprieve after a Florida ruling that any inmate who did not get a unanimous verdict on the death penalty could have their case reviewed. Trepal fell under that category.

While, Carr’s family is desperately seeking justice. Trepal also has some supporters who believe that he is incapable of this crime.

This is a mind twisting crime. I sat with producers for more than four hours answering their questions about the case. I am curious on what you think? How could something so devious happen in a seemingly peaceful neighborhood?

Do you think the case is worth revisiting all these years later? I found myself wanting to know more.

If you have not watched it and are interested, the Trepal case was among the premier episodes for the latest franchise in the Vengeance series. You can watch the episode “Poison Mastermind” right now on demand.

You can also tune in Sunday nights at 8 P.M. on HLN for more episodes.

The Trepal case is just one of the many cases that I have contributed insight on in the Vengeance series. You can read more about the show and my involvement by clicking the link below.



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