EXCLUSIVE: “Stand your Ground” attorney speaks out on jury selection and his personal drama

John Trevena sat down with me in his first ever open conversation about the Michael Drejka case and his own personal drama dominating headlines4268B7B4-9376-4086-A570-8356046277E0

John Trevena is a prominent criminal defense attorney in the Tampa Bay Area. I have known him for years and covered many of his high profile cases.

Right now the 57 year old is among the attorneys representing Michael Drejka, the man using Florida’s Stand Your Ground Defense for shooting a man allegedly over a handicapped spot at a Clearwater Convenience store.

The case has caught the attention of the national media. Not only is the “Stand your Ground”  defense at the center of the controversy,  but racial tensions are extremely  high. Drejka is white and the man who died, Markeis McGlockton, is black.

Family members of McGlockton, a father of three, claim he was just trying to protect his family after Drejka approached their car. Deputies reported that McGlockton threw Drejka to the ground, and Drejka then fired his gun. Drejka claims he fired the gun in fear for his life.

Initially, Pinellas county sheriff Bob Gaultieri declined to press charges. But, now, Drejka faces manslaughter charges. He could receive up to 30 years in prison if convicted.

The case could boil down to the jury.  Drejka’s team opted not to seek a change of venue. This is interesting to me as journalist. If you will recall, although Casey Anthony’s trial was held in Orlando, the jury was selected from Pinellas County.  Anthony is the mother accused of killing her own child and was found not guilty. The verdict was the center of much debate. Trevena revealed whether he believes a Pinellas County jury would be favorable to his client. This is one of the many questions he candidly answered in my exclusive interview.

Trevena, usually very outspoken, has maintained a very low profile. The attorney has found himself mired in personal drama including domestic violence charges that were dropped, his ex-wife now in jail facing felony charges, and even connections to local veteran anchor Reginald Roundtree, who some say lost his anchoring job over an interview with Drejka.

Trevena opened up to me and answered the questions many have wanted to know.



EXCLUSIVE: “Stand your Ground” attorney opens up








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