MOVIE REVIEW: “The Kitchen”

I would say despite the all star cast “The Kitchen” is one I would wait for On Demand


My dear friend Stefanos August, pictured above, has always asked to go to the movies.
Somehow, we always end up having dinner instead.
But, this time after nearly 15 years of friendship, to his surprise, I said let’s go to the show at Westshore Plaza in Tampa.
Don’t get me wrong, I love going to the movies, but you know how sometimes you just have those friends where you need to talk and get advice? Stefanos is that for me. But, lately, I figured he needed a break from all my questions about life and what lies ahead.
So, now to the heart of this blog post. The review! I always enjoy seeing movies about strong women and this is one of them. However, I do not know, if this one is worth seeing in the theater.
It centers around Hell’s Kitchen and the Irish mafia running 20 blocks in a tough New York City neighborhood.
But, the situation takes a radical turn when the FBI sends three of the key leaders to prison and their wives take over.
The wives played by Melissa McCarthy, Tiffany Haddish and Elisabeth Moss do a great job. There are even some unexpected twists in the movie that you simply do not see coming.
The violence and the concept of criminals taking over a city, is not something anyone I would hope would condone. But, I will say the message of the women taking it upon themselves to take care of their families and doing what they needed to can resonate with so many people.
So, while I found The Kitchen amusing. I still would wait to see it at home.
That does not mean I will wait another 15 years to go to the movies with my dear friend. Stefanos is a realtor by the way at Coldwell Banker. I have used him many times as an expert on news stories.  I added a link on his background at the end.
Here is the official trailer to “The Kitchen.” Let me know what you think.


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